Khalid Mahmood MP

Khalid Mahmood MP

The Member of Parliament for Birmingham Perry Barr.



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Our Perry Barr - 12:01 pm, Tue 29th Jun 2010

Khalid has launched his 'Our Perry Barr' Campaign as a way to consult local people about what they want to be the priorities for Perry Barr in the next five, ten or even twenty years. Letters have already started going out across the constituency and community organisations will soon be contacted for their own input.

"I want to hear your views on the future of Perry Barr, we have seen how successful projects like London Citizens have been in developing a sense of community amongst both residents and local organisations. I hope that we can build a comprehensive picture of how the people of Perry Barr want there area to progress whether that be in relation to education, culture, sport, policing or health care".

Coming soon: Details of how to get involved.


Great Barr Observer Article - 02:13 pm, Wed 16th Jun 2010

I hope that my readers will forgive me for touching on some serious issues this week. Over the last few days it has been noticeable how our new government has made deficit reduction its sole objective. Whilst there are very good reasons why we should aim to reduce the deficit, there are great dangers to do doing so in the wrong way or too quickly. I would argue that at a time when the economy is very fragile to make mass redundancies in the public sector risks not only creating higher unemployment but also reducing the overall spending power in the economy, which would be very bad for the retail and service sectors. The consequences of a botched budget that cuts too deeply too quickly could be catastrophic  I believe that we should make economic growth are key priority, secure that and we can reduce the deficit slowly over time.

The human consequences of making severe cuts in public expenditure will be obvious to us here in Perry Barr, jobs will be lost and families will struggle to make ends meet. We should be wary of making a false distinction between the public and private sectors as much of the private sector is dependent on public spending. Just think of all the contractors used by local council and on big public projects like the Olympic Games or the rebuilding of New Street Station. I just hope that the government sees sense and ensures that cutting the deficit is not done at the expense of growth and jobs, this will only lead Britain back to being ‘the sick man of Europe’ that I remember vividly from the 1970s and 80s.

Away form the economy this week was also significant as it marks the first time that the chairmen and members of the various select committees of the House of Commons will be elected by MPs. This is a welcome step forward and will increase the impendence of these vital bodies. Select Committees, whilst still not as powerful as I would like, are of great importance when it comes to holding the government to account.


New Website - 12:15 pm, Tue 15th Jun 2010

Welcome to my new website, i will use this blog to keep you uptodate with what i'm up to in Perry Barr.

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